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Producer, Drummer, and Mixing/Mastering engineer Chris Whited


Based out of Fort Myers, 1776 Recordings is a recording studio that has produced some of the heaviest hitting and aggressive bands in modern-day metal, hardcore, and deathcore.

Chris Whited has been touring for over 15 years in bands like: Bodysnatcher, King Conquer, Thick As Blood, Dealey Plaza, and more. Has played drums for almost every genre of music there is. Specializing in hardcore, metal, and deathcore. With tons of experience producing, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering the genres of music 


Throughout the years of touring, Chris started recording, mixing, and mastering bands. Working with some of the heaviest, hardest hitting bands out right now: Bodysnatcher, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Falsifier, King Conquer, Strangled, Waste, Traitors, on some of heavy musics best Record labels. Recording, mixing, and mastering is such an easy thing to mess up in the heavy music genre. I have worked with countless bands that wasted their hard earned money on a "Big Studio" because they had a "sick gear list" but didn't know anything about making a band sound how they wanted to sound. I will do everything in my power to make a bands vision come to life on an album, while adding my own sauce on top to make everything sound original! 


below is a list of songs Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Or Fully Produced by Chris Whited

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